Client Highlight

Celco Client Highlight

Strong’s Insurance had the opportunity to visit with Steve Bellesine, CEO of Central Electropolishing Co., Inc (Celco).  Strong’s is a 3rd generation insurance agency and could feel the same family atmosphere at Celco that we enjoy at Strong’s Insurance.  We are proud to call them a client.  Celco provides advanced electropolishing service and passivation.  The attention to quality, timely turn around and price are what they are known for and it is apparent when you visit Celco.  They are in Anthony, Kansas and are a 3rd generation business that was started by Ken Bellesine in 1986.   Thank you Celco for allowing Strong’s Insurance to be your partner for risk management.

Strong’s Insurance is proud to be Celco’s partner for risk management.  We have multiple markets for small and large businesses insurance needs.   Are you interested in arranging an insurance review?  Contact us today.