Client Highlight

Westhoff Plumbing Highlight

Westhoff Plumbing, Heating & Air conditioning, is in Pratt, KS.  Chad Westhoff is the owner and started the business in 2001.   Chad’s son, Ross Westhoff, recently joined the business.  Strong’s Insurance had the opportunity to visit with Chad.  Chad has been in the plumbing, heating & cooling business since 1995.  16 years ago, he decided to go into business for himself and opened his business out of his home.

As Westhoff Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning grew Chad relocated to downtown Pratt and now has 4 employees to service the area.  Chad’s motto to grow his business has been friendly service, fair prices and honest workmanship.   Westhoff’s provide plumbing services and products.  They also install and service residential and commercial heating and air-conditioning.

It is apparent when you visit the Westhoff’s that they are a family business that offers friendly service.  Thank you, Westhoff Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, for being a part of our community and allowing Strong’s Insurance to be your partner for risk management.

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