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CPR Class Offered to Employees








Strong’s Insurance Offers CPR Class to Employees

Strong’s Insurance is kicking off 2018 with health and safety awareness.  Strong’s offered employees the opportunity to take a four-hour class, which focused on CPR, First Aid and the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).  It was led by Kingman EMS.

Strong’s Insurance has a family environment and strives to create an environment where we can count on each other.  CPR and First Aid are things our employees can use in the workplace, at home or in our community.  One area of focus of the class is AEDs.  Angie Beck, the course instructor, has a passion for making our community aware that they are available and easy to use.  Most of the Strong’s employees were unfamiliar with AEDs.  The employees left the class saying, “Now we know to look for AED’s and I need to look for one if I am in a situation where someone needs resuscitation.”

The course is the one of many company benefits Strong’s offers to its employees.  The class was a great way for our staff to kick off 2018 and look forward to a healthy and safe new year!