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Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance Premium

Shopping for car insurance?

Auto insurance companies use many factors to calculate or make an educated guess on how likely you are to file a claim.  Where you live, the age of the drivers, gender, marital status, driving experience, driving record, claim history and credit history are all factors that companies use to rate your policy.  A lapse in auto coverage will also impact your premium.  Strong’s Insurance represents many companies so we have options for discounts and coverages for the drivers and vehicles in your household.

Information to gather before you call Strong’s Insurance for an auto insurance quote:
  1. Vehicle: Certain types of cars can be more economical or expensive to insurance.  Cars are assigned a 17-digit VIN (vehicle identification number) The VIN gives us the information we need to provide an accurate  Strong’s Insurance can also quote based on the year, make and model of your vehicle if you do not have the VIN readily available.
  2. Location: The garaging address of your vehicle impacts the auto insurance rate.  Rural locations typically have lower occurrences of accidents, theft, and vandalism, which means the policyholder will pay lower premiums.
  3. Drivers: The age and gender of the driver’s impact insurance rates.  Youthful drivers often pay more for insurance rates.  Many of the companies Strong’s Insurance represents offer discounts.  Review the driver’s in your household and see if they qualify:
    1. Good driver/Claim free
    2. Good student
    3. Driver’s training
    4. Low mileage
  4. Driving Record: You will need to provide driver’s license numbers and birth dates for all drivers in the household.  If you have been in multiple accidents and have speeding violations, this will impact your premium in a negative way.  Strong’s represents many different companies so we will make an effort to find a company that best fits your driving history.
  5. Claim History: Claim history can cause you pay a higher premium.  The length of time a claim shows on a report varies but averages between three and five years.
  6. Credit History: A good credit history can lower what you pay for auto insurance.  What does my credit have to do with me getting insurance?  The bottom line is insurance actuaries compare credit scores against claim histories.  What they see is that there is a correlation (not a cause) between lower credit scores and higher than normal claim frequency.
  7. Liability Limits: Liability is a required coverage on your auto insurance policy.  Know what the limits are on your current policy.  You may need to adjust it based on your financial situation or need.  The more coverage you buy the higher your premium may be.  The state you live in will have minimum liability limits but it’s up to you to determine if that is enough for your financial   Strong’s Insurance can quote multiple levels of liability limits and many times higher liability limits cause a minimal premium increase.
  8. Deductibles: The deductible is the amount you will pay before your insurance kicks in for a covered loss.  The deductible applies to damage to your vehicle and is often referred to as comprehensive and collision.  These are optional coverages that are not required by law but may be required by your financial institution.

Contact Strong’s Insurance for an auto quote.   You may find it helpful to locate your current auto policy, much of the information we need to quote your insurance will be listed on your current policy.  Strong’s Insurance has been providing insurance in Kansas since 1921 and has many employees that have been with us for many years.  Strong’s Insurance truly cares about our customers.  Because we are an independent agency, we are able to maintain relationships with multiple carriers so we can provide our clients with options for their auto insurance.

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